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Western Democracy: two pedos and a child voting for what happens next?
Putin Calls Out West's Pedophile Satanic Cult 

World opinion of the West fell to its lowest notch ever recently when Russian President Vladimir Putin openly, and without any complaint, stated the euro Atlantic states were run by a satanic pedophile cult. At first glance any self-respecting westerner might take offence at Mr Putin's controversial remarks as surely we (The West) are the cradle of modern democracy and the upholders of international law but a mere ten minutes on the internet will prove that his accusations are spot on.

As neither Clinton, Bush, Obama or Trump have done anything tangible to address what has become, as Mr Putin's remarks show, a matter of international public knowledge, it only compounds the belief that elite pedophilia is now the gravest problem facing US politics. Adding further weight to the Russian premier's claims in the UK only recently civil servants lost yet another dossier in the Westminster pedophile case this time containing details of 114 child sex offenders adding mounting speculation to claims of a cover up of a child sex ring operating in the heart of UK government. With an ex-prime minister {Heath}, chancellor of the exchequer {Britain}, manager MI6 (Hayman) plus hundreds of MP's and civil servants too many to list, all famous pedophiles, visiting the House of Commons has now become akin to attending a party at Jimmy Saville's dirty old caravan and has prompted the question: should M.P. now stand for 'Molesting Pervert'?

Personally, I would rather not live in a country, or a hemisphere, run by child rapists and it seems rather obvious that the only reason to have so many powerful politicians and civil servants on both sides of the Atlantic compromised by their sexual peculiarities is because they are being manipulated by a foreign power. Who that could be is for you to decide but after watching the video below would you honestly want your child going to the White House, the beacon of world liberal democracy, where they are groped by any one of the colossal perverts obviously operating there with total impunity? What a disgusting state of affairs and I haven't even mentioned Satanism yet.

Joe Biden Sexually Assaults Children - YouTube
Oct 6, 2016 - Uploaded by Howard Johnson
Joe Biden at Senate Ceremonial Swearing-In; CSPAN. Odd and disturbing behavior. NEW VID: ...

VP Creepy Joe Biden Caught Groping Young Girls On Camera ...
Oct 18, 2016 - Uploaded by The Alex Jones Channel
Watch in disgust as your creepy current Vice President, Joe Biden conducts a ... if this was trump with these ...


Bang! Bye bye representative government - hello war machine
New JFK Documents Prove Journalists Bunch of Shitbags

New documents released by the US government regarding the JFK assassination have finally proved, beyond any shadow of doubt, that all modern mainstream journalists are a bunch of shitbags. This is the obvious conclusion assumed by world citizens after, once again, ALL international media outlets have pretended they cannot use Google to see evidence viewed by everyone else on earth proving that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was definitely murdered by the same gangster elements which continue to pollute US politics today. It is now estimated that only 1750 men and women across the world still 'say' they believe the US government's official version of events surrounding JFK's murder and that these individuals all, coincidentally, either work for newspapers or TV channels.

Of course, one would naturally expect US corporate media; CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, The Washington Post and The New York Times 'unable to use Google' as they have always been a gang of sweaty-faced, right wing, lying scum capable of selling their neighbours for medical experiments. However, one may be a little more surprised to discover; The Guardian, Channel 4, Channel 5, The Evening Standard, The Independent and the rest of the useless UK press, either have no bollocks whatsoever or are simply incapable of using a computer to see the millions of pieces of overwhelming evidence contradicting the government's ridiculous 'story.' 

Barry Hadkins (52) heading a national committee investigating Standards of Press Legitimacy and Integrity (S.T.O.P.L.Y.I.N.G), commented, 'The Guardian must have baked beans for brains. In their article dated 26/10/2017, Phillip Shenon states "All of the most credible evidence continues to point to Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman in Dallas" when a five year old can see the shot that blows Kennedy's head off comes from the front, reducing his [Shenon's] entire proposition, career and, no doubt, his entire political paradigm, to a bucket of donkey's piss. This is exactly the kind of remedial, slack, spineless reporting currently driving a wedge between society and the mainstream press which, in turn, produces the modern phantasm of 'Fake News'. It is then surely no coincidence that sales of papers are ever decreasing as people go look for themselves rather than being lied to by some fat-arsed, lazy reporter who cannot use the internet properly which, in itself, makes the Guardian's woeful plea on their website for a £5 subscription fee to pay for 'independent', 'investigative', {please} 'journalism' even more offensive and insulting. But I guess that most journos would rather live comfortably in Islington enjoying their privileged lives toeing the war machine line rather than gravitating toward more awkward, and potentially revenue depleting principles, like the truth and justice. Remember, if the Guardian, and the rest of the pathetic UK paparazzi, are prepared to overlook the mountains of evidence incriminating a right wing coup d'etat from within the US government murdering the most important politician for a 100 years in broad daylight which, in turn, led to the 14 year-long Vietnam war consigning millions upon millions of souls to the abyss, imagine how little it will take them to overlook any suspicious circumstances surrounding your own untimely death: A new espresso machine? Maybe a $25 polyester polo shirt? How much do you think YOU are worth? Also if they cannot get this right - one of the most obvious and crucially important conspiracies of all time - what the fuck can they get right?'


JFK's 1961 Speech to the Media - YouTube

31 déc. 2010 - Ajouté par Ty Parkin
Kennedy made this speech because the Press had leaked US Military ... The American Newspaper ...

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White House wage slash: new cabinet paid with cookies
Trump Appoints New Cabinet After Old One Is Arrested

During an incredible turn of events yesterday [Halloween 31/10/2017] US President Donald Trump was forced to appoint an entirely new cabinet after his old one was arrested. The head of the FBI stated that the list of crimes committed by Trump's old cabinet was too long to list and that a new legal supercomputer would have to be built by NASA to work on the upcoming cases.

According to one White House insider, 'When members of the law enforcement agencies burst in and dragged the old cabinet from the Oval Room I was scared but President Trump was already thinking on his feet, or more accurately his swivel chair, and announced that he was confident God would provide a great solution. Then at that very moment -Heaven's above- the doorbell rang.'

New members of Trump's cabinet now include - from right to left: The Wicked Witch of the North - Wendy (6) Overseeing Defense Department. Bat Boy - Joey (4) Managing National Security Agency. Princess Leia - Alice (6) Foreign Aid Director. Rainbow Unicorn Girl - Susie (5) Education Department. Girl in the frilly dress - no name (8) Treasury Department and looking after candy and cookies.

President Trump said he was confident all his new appointments would do 'great' and that fellow Republicans would be pleased with the pay deal he had negotiated slashing existing White House wages as new appointees will be paid with cookies. The President also wanted to draw attention to the fact that his latest cabinet was 'nearly 80% female' and were equally diverse, with half the characters coming from Universal Film studios and the other from Paramount apart from, of course, Rainbow Unicorn Girl and the girl in the frilly dress which were 'not from any movie' he had ever seen.

White House officials commented that 'given the present circumstances they were pleased with the outcome,' although they have, once again, warned the President to avoid any potentially embarrassing IQ test competitions with his new members of staff.


Weinstein 'I'm gay'
Weinstein 'I'm Gay'

Disgraced movie executive Harvey Weinstein attempted to deflect uproar over the multiple sexual assault allegations facing him by claiming, 'I'm gay.' Speaking through a lawyer, the 65 year old, twice married, multi-millionaire added that if this was not sufficient he was prepared to have a skin graft, genitalia replacement therapy, a womb implant and become a feminist.

Mr Weisnstein's extravagant claims, promises and counter-claims, come after fellow movie high-flyer Kevin Spacey's apparent sidestepping of sexual assault allegations on 14 year-old Anthony Rapp by coming out as gay in the telling second paragraph of his, obviously much-considered, text apology to the, now 46 year-old, actor. International pundits along with Tinseltown insiders are frantically pawing over the evidence before delivering judgement in the public media trial, with a few predicting wide scale pandemonium if the claims are successful.

Media psychologist Professor Al Probus Dexter, Head of Dialectic Ethical Research (D.E.R.) at the Massachusetts Institute of Communications, explained, 'People are such inconsistent scumbags these days it's impossible to say what's going to happen. Although, I would guess that Mr Weinstein's desperate efforts stand as much chance coming out smelling of roses as penis-flavoured ice cream, on the other hand Mr Spacey's - the liberal lion - might be more successful and this would set a worrying precedent. If this carries on we are going get swathes of Ex-Nazi, KGB and Khmer Rouge murderers all coming out, forgive the pun, claiming they were gay and, as such, be more leniently judged for their crimes. Unfortunately, whilst the timing of both are as dubious and reprehensible as each other, what the Spacey and Weisnstein claims actually show us is that, society is currently as neurotic as Germaine Greer on mushrooms at a strip club with a load of squadies and, as such, wrongdoers are inevitably tempted to pander to this air of hysteria. In short, if the public want to stop this constant PR conniving they must realise that their positive discrimination is just as pernicious, ludicrous and offensive as their negative discrimination and as welcome, to the more rational amongst us, as a particularly bad case of herpes.'

Bad Science

S-S.H.I.T.E.R.R. bot about to mate with box
Defective Robots To Replace Top US Politicians

Hopes of AI machines taking our jobs received another kick in its titanium groin yesterday when Boston Dynamics' disastrous program to build a shelf-stacking robot ended in failure. (see video below). Top US scientists have now decided the only workers that robots can realistically replace are US politicians.

Head of Robotics at Boston Dynamics Hans Creosote PHD, frowned, 'We've spent $700,000,000 developing the Shelf-Stacker Hyper Independence Technical Employee Replacement Robot (S-S.H.I.T.E.R.R.) but every time we turn it on all it does is knock down the boxes then tries to mate with them. Our backers were anxious to recoup their investment so they decided the only job on earth low-skilled enough for our defective robots to replace were US politicians. A deal was quickly completed with the Un-human Resources Centre of the Federal Government and the robots will be phased in during the Senator's summer holidays. Er ...Good luck!'

A White House aid commented that Mike Pence, Rex Tillerson and, of course, President Donald Trump himself are 'first in line for replacement', adding, 'Before the new defective robots come on line, due to the volatile political situation in Charlottesville and North Korea, new interactive Mickey Mouse talking dolls will be purchased from Amazon and used instead as a precautionary measure.'
The Boston Dynamics' team have already fitted their new replacement 'bots' with ground-breaking clapping software and extra long-life Duracell batteries in preparation for Benjamin Netanyahu's next state visit where it is hoped that they will be able to perform the obligatory 33 standing ovations without exploding and bursting into flames. Other necessary attributes, including random sentence generation, jerky hand gestures and illogical press conferences, were said to be 'well underway' with one team member suggesting, strictly off the record, 'Haven't you been watching TV recently? The Shelf-Stacker Hyper Independence Technical Employee Replacement Robot might not be able to put one box on top of another without making a total dick out of itself but it's not that bad.'

Hapless Boston Dynamics robot in shelf-stacking fail - video ... › Technology › Robots
3 days ago
This outtake was part of a TED talk demonstrating the advances made by formerly Google-owned Boston ...

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Election Special

                 Bojo 'Labour's Numbers Don't Add Up' Hawking 'I'm Voting Labour'
Bojo 'Labour's Numbers Don't Add Up' 
Hawking 'I'm Voting Labour'

Yesterday in a thoroughly unsurprising turn of events Conservative thinking once again found itself at loggerheads with logic when Stephen Hawking, widely renowned to be the world's most intelligent man, publically announced his support for Jeremy Corbyn and The Labour Party.

It is not the first time the Tories have found themselves at the shitty end of the clever stick. Indeed, throughout modern history all sentient people everywhere have disagreed with every single Conservative policy ever announced. It seems this revealing trend is set to continue with many other prominent intellectuals now publicly backing Labour's election bid including: Dr Adotey Bing-Pappoe, lecturer in economics, Alan Freeman (personal capacity), Alfredo Saad Filho, Professor of Political Economy, SOAS University of London, Andrew Cumbers, Professor of Regional Political Economy, University of Glasgow, Andrew Simms, author of The New Economics, co-director New Weather Institute, Andy Ross FAcSS, Visiting Professor, Birkbeck University of London , Andy Kilmister, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics, Oxford Brookes University, Ann Pettifor, Director of PRIME Economics (Policy Research in Macroeconomics), Dr Antonio Andreoni (PhD Cambridge), Senior Lecturer in Economics, SOAS University of London, Anwar Shaikh, Professor, New School for Social Research, USA, Arturo Hermann, Senior research fellow, Italian National Institute of Statistics, Rome, Italy, Professor Ben Fine, Department of Economics, SOAS University of London, Robert Rowthorn, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge., Bruce Cronin, Professor of Economic Sociology, Director of Research, Director of the Centre for Business Network Analysis, University of Greenwich, Dr Bruno Bonizzi, Lecturer in Political Economy, University of Winchester, Carlos Oya, Reader in Development Studies, SOAS University of London, Carolina Alves, PhD Economics, Carolyn Jones, Director, Institute of Employment Rights, Cem Oyvat, Lecturer, University of Greenwich, Christopher Cramer, Professor of the Political Economy of Development, SOAS University of London, Ciaran Driver FAcSS, Professor of Economics, SOAS University of London, Professor Colin Haslam, Professor of Accounting and Finance, Queen Mary University of London, Costas Lapavitsas, Professor of Economics, SOAS University of London, Cyrus Bina, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics, University of Minnesota, USA, Dr Dan O’Neill, Lecturer in Ecological Economics, University of Leeds, Daniela Gabor, Professor of Economics and Macro-Finance, University of the West of England, Daniele Archibugi, Professor, Birkbeck College, Professor Danny Dorling, University of Oxford, Writer and Academic, Dean Baker, Co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, Washington, DC, Dr Deborah Johnston Pro-Director (Learning and Teaching) SOAS (University of London), Diego Sánchez-Ancochea, Associate Professor in Political Economy, Director, Latin American Centre, University of Oxford, Dr Dimitris P. Sotiropoulos, The Open University Business School, Elisa Van Waeyenberge, Lecturer of Economics, SOAS University of London, Dr Emanuele Lobina, Public Services International Research Unit, University of Greenwich, Dr Faiza Shaheen, Economist (in a personal capacity), Frances Stewart, Professor of Development Economics and Director, Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity, University of Oxford, Gary Dymski, Professor of Applied Economics, Leeds University Business School, Geoff Harcourt, Honorary Professor, UNSW Australia, Gerald Epstein, Co-Director, Political Economy Research Institute, and Department of Economics, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA, Dr Giorgos Galanis, Lecturer in Economics, Goldsmiths University, Gregor Semieniuk, Lecturer in Economics, SOAS University of London, Guglielmo Forges Davanzati, Associate professor of Political Economy, University of Salento, Italy, Dr Guy Standing FAcSS, Professorial Research Associate, SOAS University of London, Ha-Joon Chang, University of Cambridge, Hannah Bargawi, Lecturer in Economics, SOAS University of London, and Research Partner, Centre for Development Policy and Research, Dr Hassan Hakimian, Reader in Economics, SOAS University of London, Professor Dr Heiner Flassbeck, former Chief Economist of UNCTAD, Geneva, Heikki Patomäki, Professor of World Politics, University of Helsinki, Howard M. Wachtel, Professor Emeritus of Economics, American University, Washington, DC, USA, Howard Reed, Director, Landman Economics, Dr Hugh Goodacre, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Westminster, Teaching Fellow, University College London, Hugo Radice, University of Leeds., Hulya Dagdeviren, Professor of Economic Development, University of Hertfordshire, Ilhan Dögüs, Department of Socioeconomics, University of Hamburg, Germany, James K. Galbraith, Professor of Government, University of Texas, USA, Jan Toporowski, Professor of Economics and Finance, SOAS University of London, Dr Jane Lethbridge, Public Services International Research Unit, University of Greenwich, Jeanette Findlay, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Glasglow, Jeff Faux, Founder & former Director, Economic Policy Institute, Washington D C, Dr Jeff Powell, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Greenwich, Dr Jeff Tan, Economist, Aga Khan University in the UK, Jeremy Smith, co-director, PRIME Economics (Policy Research in Macroeconomics), Dr Jo Michell, Senior Lecturer in Economics, UWE Bristol, Professor John Grahl, Economics Department, Middlesex University, John Palmer, former Political Director of the European Policy Centre, Dr Johnna Montgomerie, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Deputy Director of the Political Economy Research Centre, Goldsmiths University of London, Jonathan Dawson, Coordinator of Economics, Schumacher College, Professor Jonathan Michie, Professor of Innovation & Knowledge Exchange, University of Oxford , Dr Jonathan Perraton, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Sheffield, Jorge Buzaglo, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Stockholm, Sweden, Dr Julian Wells, Principal Lecturer of Economics, Kingston University, Kate Bayliss, Research Fellow, Economics Department, SOAS University of London, Professor Kate Pickett, University of York Champion for Research on Justice & Equality, Dr Kevin Deane, Senior Lecturer in International Development, University of Northampton (personal capacty), Dr Kitty Stewart, Associate Professor of Social Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science, Klaus Nielsen, Professor of Institutional Economics, Birkbeck University of London, László Andor, Associate Professor, Corvinus University, Hungary, Leslie Huckfield, Yunus Centre for Social Business & Health, Glasgow Caledonian University, Malcolm Sawyer, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Leeds, Marco Veronese Passarella, Economics Division, Leeds University Business School, Maria Nikolaidi, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Greenwich, Dr Mario Seccareccia, Full Professor, Department of Economics, University of Ottawa, Canada, Dr Martin Watts, Emeritus Professor of Economics, The University of Newcastle, Massoud Karshenas, Professor of Economics, SOAS University of London, Dr Matteo Rizzo, Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, SOAS University of London, Mehmet Ugur, Professor of Economics and Institutions, University of Greenwich Business School, Michael Roberts, financial economist and author of The Long Depression, Professor Mushtaq Khan, Department of Economics, SOAS, University of London, Professor Ozlem Onaran, Director of Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre, University of Greenwich, Pallavi Roy, Lecturer in International Economics, SOAS, University of London, Paulo dos Santos, Assistant Professor of Economic, New School for Social Research, USA, Paul Mason, economics writer, Prem Sikka, Emeritus Professor of Accounting, University of Essex, Dr Pritam Singh, Professor of Economics, Oxford Brookes University, Radhika Desai, Professor, Department of Political Studies, University of Manitoba, USA, Richard McIntyre, Professor, Chair, Department of Economics, University of Rhode Island, USA, Richard Murphy, Professor of Practice in International Political Economy at City University of London and Director of Tax Research LLP, Richard Parker, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA, Richard Wilkinson, Emeritus Professor of Social Epidemiology, University of Nottingham, Dr Robert Calvert Jump, Lecturer in Economics, Kingston University, Robert Neild, Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of Cambridge, Robert Pollin, Distinguished Professor of Economics and Co-Director, Political Economy Research Institute, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA, Roberto Veneziani, Queen Mary University of London, Susan Himmelweit, Emeritus Professor of Economics, Open University, Dr Sara Gorgoni, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Greenwich, Dr Sara Maioli, Lecturer in Economics, Newcastle University, Dr Satoshi Miyamura, Lecturer in the Economy of Japan, SOAS University of London, Shawky Arif, The University of Northampton, Simon Wren-Lewis, Professor of Economic Policy, Oxford University, Professor Steve Keen, Department of Economics, Kingston University, Professor Engelbert Stockhammer, Kingston University, Simon Mohun, Emeritus Professor of Political Economy, Queen Mary University of London, Dr Sunil Mitra Kumar, Lecturer in Economics, King’s College London, Susan Newman, Senior Lecturer of Economics, University of West England, Dr Susan Pashkoff, Economist, Dr Suzanne J Konzelmann, Director, Postgraduate Programmes in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, Director, London Centre for Corporate Governance and Ethics, Co-Executive Editor, Cambridge Journal of Economics, Tom Palley, Former Chief Economist, US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, Tomás Rotta, Lecturer in Economics, University of Greenwich, Trevor Evans, Emeritus Professor of Economics, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany, Will Davies, Reader in Political Economy, Goldsmiths, University of London, Dr William Van Lear, Economics Professor, Belmont Abbey College, USA, Yanis Varoufakis, Former Minister of Finance, Greece, Yannis Dafermos, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of the West of England, José Gabriel Palma, University of Cambridge, Yulia Yurchenko, University of Greenwhich, Laurie Macfarlane, Economics Editor, Open Democracy, Meghnad Desai, London School of Economics, Clive Lawson, University of Cambridge, Professor Lawrence King, University of Cambridge

Top Conservative and untrained American aristocrat Boris Johnson, who recently argued Labour's economic strategy did not 'add up', waffled like an excited baboon trying to steal a banana, 'Well, yes. See here now. I've never heard of any these chaps on your list for a start, or most of the places now I come to think of it, but I know ... for a fact, that... er let me see... that lots of eggheads out there currently support the Conservatives and their election direction. Oh yes. Let me see now. In the blue corner, so to speak, we have, firstly and probably most arguably, Katie Hopkins, a person whom I feel we can all agree is... er... known yes, ah ha, for her mental dexterity, if not many other... things. Next, number two if you like, I'd would mention Gary Barlow or as I like to call him 'the thinking man's mistro'. Yes, I rather like that one myself. But, of course, lastly, and by no means... er... least, and he knows that I mean that sincerely, it's my old friend from the Pimlico lido himself; the musical genius Simon Cowell. Now let me tell you all something here and now; everyone single one of these brainiacs is a successful millionaire just like me so, in turn... What was I saying? Ah yes. They must all... er... yes... be clever. Which, I feel. by itself, is enough, so to speak to, let me see now, to... er... make even the most ardent Marxist out there turn blue this June and vote for us; the Tories.'

Stephen Hawking, PHD CH, CBE, FRS, FRSA theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge, commented from his wheelchair, 'There is nothing complicated about the theorising that led me to my decision. This is something so simple everyone can understand. Voting Conservative is purely illogical. That is why I advise you to do as I do on the 8th of June and vote Labour.'

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Westminster Village/ Playground

Savile's close relationship with the Conservatives never in doubt
'Out Of Touch' Tory Election Ad Catastrophically 

In a week which saw a record ten point opinion poll slide for the Conservatives after they mistakenly revealed their plans to steal houses from dying pensioners, another problem is developing which threatens to further derail the Tory gravy express train from reaching Downing Street station. A new Conservative advertisement, intended to enhance public support during the all-important election buildup, has catastrophically backfired after 'out of touch' Tory officials disastrously chose, as their poster boy, notorious pervert, child molester and infamous BBC DJ, Jimmy Savile. Mr Savile was always a proud lifelong friend and ally of the Conservatives as the photograph attests and shared all their core values - it is even rumoured that Margaret Thatcher offered him a front row bench position as child welfare ambassador during her terrifying 10 year reign which the celebrity turned down, due to other 'important, but similar,' projects he was working on.

However, whilst Savile's close relationship with the Conservatives was never in doubt the decision to select him as the personality starring in their nationwide election ad-campaign certainly is. Lord Tristan Fortesque Bottomly Smythe (88), ex-Cambridge Latin Scholar currently in charge of Tory election PR, attempted to quell the storm surrounding the controversy, 'Et tu Brute? Oh... never mind. Look, I don't know what all the fuss is about. I'm afraid I don't own a televisual set - well I do but it's secreted behind the harpsichord in the west drawing room and so, consequently, I'm rather behind in - what's it called these days; street credit? Anyway, I must have recognised his [Savile's] face from somewhere - God knows where? - probably an old 1970's Jackie annual which I somehow successfully managed to conceal from mother - and so I naturally assumed he was one of those pop musician types. You see, this is exactly what we [the Tories] need right now; someone who is hep, or, as I overheard someone say the other day, going down on the kids. Someone who can reach out and touch those youngsters that Conservatives have historically always had a problem handling. Edward Heath for example. I seem to remember he always had a problem with youngsters. Anyway, apparently he was discovered as one of these awful pedophile types. Saville that is. Not Heath - Ha, ha. No, no, and now everything's rather blown up in our faces. We're still bound to win though. Usque ad caeruleum as we used to cry out when vigorously fagging in the dorms. Oh yes. Excuse me. Let me translate for your comprehensively educated ears - Up the blues!'

Jeremy Corbyn was busy spinning on his back at a breakdance competition in London's trendy Shoreditch with grime rappers JME and Lowkey, but, as usual, had time to give us his refreshingly honest opinion and dropped some lyrics, 'Respect. This offensive and preposterous mistake by the Tories shows how out of touch they really are. This is why the UK public must vote for a new leadership which truly reflects their wishes, their culture, their dreams and their aspirations, not the aspirations and dreams of the corporate concerns lurking behind the Conservatives. In many ways Mr Savile is representative of the Tory government. He was also part of a self-serving, tiny clique which had no one's best interests at heart, to say the least. He was also morally destitute, a pathological liar, had obnoxious political opinions, even worse friends and, as the Tories' latest advert proves, he also shared their terrible dress sense. Remember, government for the many not the few. Vote Labour!'

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